Bill Flowers is the Founder and Managing Partner of DynaLogic. Bill has over 45 years of investment experience in both the fixed income space and as an investment consultant.  

The DynaLogic process embraces several philosophies that Bill has espoused for over his investment career. He asserts that, “It’s not about winning, it’s about not losing,” and, “Simple is good.” In keeping with those ideas, the DynaLogic models are designed to give the advisor investment models that are simple, unemotional and logical.

 Bill Flowers, Founder

Bill Flowers, Founder

“DynaLogic has given me and my clients a whole new way to look at investing. When markets are going up or down, there is no concern about what to do—we know what will happen.

—Celia Rafalko, CFP

“The predetermined buys and sells built into the strategy make life as an advisor easy as it takes the emotion out of the equation for the client.”

—Christopher D. DeLarme, NSSA

“This investment style allows me to grow and manage assets without incurring greater servicing time. I receive buy/sell trading signals which I can execute on a timely basis for my clients. It allows me to control the trading action.”

—Terry Schnare